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Snapshot, 1954: Elli Parvo and her vivacious Vignale

It’s 1954 in Italy, and the Milanese actress Elli Parvo, born Elvira Gobbo, epitomises la dolce vita as she prepares to leave in her beautiful Vignale-bodied Ferrari…

The Italian actress Elli Parvo is at the height of her film career, having starred in a wide selection of predominantly Italian pictures including The Gates of Heaven and Seven Years of Happiness. And could there be a more fitting car for a beautiful and successful star than a V12-powered Ferrari dressed in a glorious and oh-so-elegant Vignale body? Its high waistline, intricate wire wheels, and abundant brightwork are almost as dazzling as Parvo in that modest yet elegant outfit. 

Photo: Reporters Associati & Archivi / Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images