Snapshot, 1950: Rain starts play at Goodwood

It’s the 30 September 1950, and Stan Coldham and George Wicken are engaged in a rain-soaked battle at Goodwood, employing every trick in the racing driver’s handbook – including leaning out of their single-seat Coopers…

Coldham – driving number 6 – and his similarly drenched rival Wicken are demonstrating just how heroic this era’s racing driver are. Despite the high risk of aquaplaning on the greasy asphalt, the daring duo are battling as hard as ever for Goodwood glory. It’s because of scenes like this that the circuit will establish itself as a prime venue for elite racing over the coming decades. And who knows – maybe one day they’ll hold historic race meetings here in celebration of this legendary epoch?

Photo by Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images