Slot Mods Porsche 917: The racetrack within

‘You can take a race car off the track, but you can never take the track out of a race car.’ One slot-racing enthusiast has taken this wisdom literally, constructing a complete track within the body of a full-size Porsche 917.

Almost all readers will surely remember having a Scalextric or Hornby train set as a youngster, the whizzing miniatures providing hours of entertainment. David Beattie has turned his passion for model car racing into his profession. Under the name Slot Mods, his American-based company puts great effort into designing and building sophisticated slot race tracks. Jay Leno and racing driver Derek Hill are big admirers of Beattie’s work, and he's even been commissioned to make models that were exhibited at Pebble Beach and Meadow Brook concours d’elegance events. Beattie can fulfil any track request, with prices starting at $15,000.

But those interested in Beattie’s newest, and probably most impressive creation should be prepared to part with around five times that amount. Built in his basement-come-workshop, he has incorporated a slot race track inside the glassfibre replica body of a Porsche 917, in tribute to the car that Vic Elford and Gérard Larrousse guided to victory in the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1971. With its race-worn tyres and functional lights, the model comes awfully close to replicating the famous 917 – until a hidden button is pressed. Then the body opens up, bringing to light the astonishingly detailed, 1:32 scale setting, complete with period-correct signage and aluminium Armco barriers.

Beattie promises to build similar models of the Ford GT40, Ferrari P4 and Lola T70, all available in the livery of the customer’s choice.

Photos: Slot Mods

More information can be found at the Slot Mods website.