Market essentials: Kuball & Kempe, Aesthetes

Thomas Kuball and Peter Kempe are merchants of good taste, selling beautiful objects from across the world in their Hamburg-based concept shop. We’ve asked the aesthetes to select five highlights apiece from the Classic Driver Market…

The two cosmopolitans explain their selection: “The film Two for the Road, starring Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney, is one of our favourite movies. We also love the setting of To Catch a Thief, and go on regular weekend breaks to St Tropez in the summer – so the quaint estate there would be ideal. We could go on morning runs to the boulangerie riding a classic Vespa.”

“My choice of car would be a Citroën Rosalie, since it reminds me of my favourite silent film, the comedy Väter der Klamotte,” says Kempe. “I’d have it fitted with a picnic basket on the roof and a Hermes smoking set inside. The Goyard steamer bag would also hold plenty of towels.” Kempe continues: “We’re of the type that are comfortable on the water, and the Andrews ‘Hero’ wooden boat has really captured our hearts, too.”

For a quick trip to Nice, Kempe would opt for the magic carpet-like ride of the Citroën SM. Watch-wise, he chooses a classic – the Cartier Tank – while Kuball goes for a rather elegant Longines, matching the era of his aforementioned Rosalie.

Photo: Mark Seelen