Luxury Board Games: Raise the stakes!

Traditional board games are right on trend at the moment, with renowned brands launching exclusive versions of common coffee table games. Fashion giants Gucci and Hermès are the latest in line to offer treats for luxury lovers with a fine intellect.

It’s never a bad idea to have some old-school board games around, whether you are spending a long weekend at a country house hotel or just enjoying some quality time at home with the family. Sometimes curling up with a glass of wine and a classic game is the perfect way to pass a rainy day in the spirit of friendly competition. But now you can have fun while still being stylish: Italian luxury brand Gucci has crafted a sumptuous, all-leather checkers set, sure to impress board game enthusiasts with a refined taste.

Luxury Board Games: Raise the stakes!

The roll-up board comes in rich chocolate brown leather with dark brown guccissima leather trim. The playing pieces, in ivory-cream and brown, are stamped with the embossed Gucci emblem and a dark brown guccissima leather pouch and carry case are also included in the set. Checkers might be a simple game but, with this outstanding piece, the classic game has been updated into an art form.

Luxury Board Games: Raise the stakes!

But if you prefer the more strategic game of chess, no need to worry – French design house Hermès has the perfect chess set for anyone who loves to impress their opponents. Using Brazilian rosewood and mahogany hand-sculpted pieces, the lavish set includes a board fashioned from Taurillon Clemence leather – the same exclusive leather that the luxury brand uses for its timeless 'Birkin' and 'Kelly' handbags. The Hermès chess set is both functional and elegant, with a distinctive contemporary feel that guarantees hours of sophisticated board game fun. When you have finished playing, there's no need to put this chess set away in a dusty cupboard: the intricately designed game adds subtle elegance to any room.

Luxury Board Games: Raise the stakes! Luxury Board Games: Raise the stakes!

Or, if checkers and chess don’t tickle your fancy, what about a game of good old Monopoly? Your favourite childhood game has been given the luxury treatment by the British design firm Linley, which has a long tradition of making some of the world’s most exclusive board games. The Linley Bespoke Monopoly is carefully designed; the board is made of leather and includes a smooth rotation mechanism for easy playing. The pieces are hidden in a compartment beneath the main board to ensure safe storage after playing. You can choose from a total of 11 different colour shades to give your board a unique, personal appearance. Priced at about £4,000, it certainly brings new meaning to 'games night'.

Board games have been played for centuries and, even with the advent of smartphones and laptops, they haven't lost their appeal. A carefully crafted set is sure to make the game so much more enthralling; and if you are useless at checkers or chess, at least you can appreciate the look and feel of the game while having a go.

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