At L'alpine Classique, the skiing season closed in style

In the classic car world, it's always difficult to create something new, something that hasn't been done before. But that's what Sebastien Chirpaz (founder of the stylish scarf brand 'A Piece of Chic') managed to do last weekend, with the first 'L'Alpine Classique' in Chamrousse.

Chirpaz is crazy about vintage style and clothing from the 1920s to the 1950s, but he also likes classic cars and bikes – and adores ‘telemark’ skiing. So he decided to combine everything: he invited some classic car owners to the Alps for a day with a retro-chic atmosphere, along with some telemark demonstrations.

And we have to say: for a premiere, it went extremely well for Chripaz and his small team. Well, okay, the weather could have been better, but that's always the risk when you organise something at an outside venue like this. And it could have been a lot worse. The Sunday began with a coffee, in the forest between Grenoble and Chamrousse. The idea was to do a small hillclimb, for both vintage cars and bikes, and then to head on together to arrive in Chamrousse. A clutch of vintage Vespas from the Grenoble club did it easily, while the 1926 FN bike found it had to change its spark plus rather quickly. The small-scale tour felt like it was taking place in the mid-50s, with the convoy of cars and bikes, and their drivers and passengers in correct period dress. You almost never find classic cars in the middle of the Alps, surrounded by snow, and the sight of them in this situation was one of the huge pleasures of the Alpine Classique.

After lunch below the skiing pistes, the telemarkers began their demonstrations. This method of skiing is rapidly growing in popularity, with more and more people taking part every year. It suited the event perfectly: the skiiers were very stylish, while the art of telemark is smooth, fluid, but also very technical.

The inaugural event was a real success for the 80 participants and the partners: Fusalp, launching its new retro-inspired collection, Arpin, presenting some stylish and very traditional wool pieces (tartan rugs as well as clothes in the Alpine style), Opinel pocket knives (a traditional companion for the skier, ideal when enjoying a slice of saucisson between pistes), and of course A Piece of Chic, who created a limited-edition scarf for the event. Chirpaz has already started to plan his next event, which might take place over a full weekend, not just a Sunday – and with an introduction to telemark for all the participants, perhaps?

If you want to enjoy classic cars and bikes in a retro-chic atmosphere during the last snowy days of the season, stay tuned for the 2016 edition of ‘L'Alpine Classique’.


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