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The Hemingwrite is perfect for travelling types

We journalists have been trying to emulate Ernest Hemingway's writing skills ever since his untimely death in 1961. With so many distractions, that goal seems harder by the day – but this new Hemingwrite composition device could be the answer…

Billed as “the Kindle of writing composition” by its creators Adam Leeb and Patrick Paul, the Hemingwrite aims to create the type of distraction-free writing experience enjoyed by Thoreau in his cabin. It combines the simplicity of 1990s word processing with modern necessities such as cloud backups and Google Docs access, encased in a durable retro-modern housing that offers the type of tactile feedback lost with the downfall of the typewriter.

...although it has a fatal flaw

The Hemingwrite is still in development, but it is expected to have a minimum six-week battery life and a one-million+ page memory when it launches. However, we think we’ve discovered a flaw: how are you supposed to browse the latest cars for sale on Classic Driver?

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