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Classic Le Mans 2002 - the DVD. A personal experience from film maker Alexander Davidis

 Classic Le Mans 2002 - the DVD. A personal experience from film maker Alexander Davidis Our long-time contributing photographer (and film director), Alexander Davidis, joined Nicholas Mee’s “Club Tertre Rouge” trip to the inaugural ‘Le Mans Classic’ last year. Turning up with fellow film maker Nick Wrathall, Alexander surprised the rest of the party, that included members of the Classic Driver and Aston Martin ‘Works Service’ teams, with a boot loaded with vintage camera gear.

They had only organised the classic wind-up Bolex cameras of the 60s day’s before - together with many metres of film stock and some additional digital recording equipment.

Order Hot-line: +44 (0)20 8741 8822

Taking the '24 Hours’ literally; they devoted the whole time to shooting, both day and night.

With the enthusiastic help of Dr Ulrich Bez, CEO of Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd, a tiny ‘lipstick’ camera was mounted in the DBR1 (the actual 1959 Le Mans winner) which Bez was sharing with professional driver Peter Hardman in the race. This, together with more in-car footage from Juan Barazi’s DB4GT Zagato, gave the film an Aston angle - but as the event was for all cars since 1923 there are Ferraris, Maseratis, Jaguars, Porsches and Alfas aplenty.

Earlier this year the results were projected in true period style onto white brick walls (with a carefully edited soundtrack) to a private audience, at Nick Mee’s West London showroom. Eight minutes of fast-paced high-energy film later applause broke out. This, together with about 80 stills (all included on the DVD) shot and processed in Davidis' unique style well-known to Classic Driver readers, made people say: “This is what it was like to be at the Le Mans Classic!”

Right there and then everyone wanted a copy.

But it was months of careful post-production that produced this short film and the stills collection which are now together available on the DVD. Limited to only 450 copies for sale, it features the most amazing cars, mainly from the early fifties to the mid sixties, the breathtaking Le Mans starts and all the action - with a genuine period feel, filmed as it was with mostly vintage equipment.

It’s a piece of motor-racing art, don’t miss the opportunity.

This limited edition DVD is available for £20.00 + VAT (and Postage & Packing). To obtain your copy, call the order line on +44 (0)20 8741 8822, Monday through Friday 9:00 - 18:00 (all major cards accepted).

Or contact Alexander directly by email - [email protected].

Only 450 copies worldwide – first come, first served!

Editor's note; I was at the Le Mans Classic 2002 event and his film truly captures the feel and sound of the event. It brings back many happy memories of a fantastic weekend spent amongst similar-minded petrol-heads watching the most amazing cars ever seen on the circuits. A complete record of the event it isn't - it's Alexander's personal record in a very modern style. Featured before on Classic Driver his AMOC Silverstone 2003 Photo-gallery, 2002 Le Mans Classic photo-gallery, (and more great shots from Le Mans 2002), as well as his original photos will give you a taste of the glorious photography of his DVD - the music's pretty good too!