Classic Driver Marketplace: Now it’s easier to sell your car

It’s now much easier for private sellers to place an advert on Classic Driver, thanks to a simplified interface, a new payment method, and the option to sign up to an annual package that enables you to offer your classic or sports car to an unusually affluent clientele for a full 12 months.

The Classic Driver website is visited every month by more than 400,000 automotive-savvy readers with above-average purchasing power: some 28% of our readers, in fact, tell us they plan to buy a classic or prestige car in the next 12 months. Why not take advantage of this fact, and place an advert now?

You’ll first need to register with us – if you haven’t done so already – as a private user. This is free of charge, without obligation, and should only take a few moments. To register, simply follow this link to the login page. After registering, you will receive a confirmation link via email, which is all you need to place a private ad.

After logging on, click on ‘Place New Ad’, and you’ll be asked to select the marque and model on the vehicle details input form. It’s all fairly self-explanatory and, at the end of the process, you can upload as many as 25 images per listing. (Each image should be no more than 2Mb.)

When you’ve saved the details, you can edit your advert at any time by clicking on – you’ve guessed it – ‘Edit’. The cost per advert is €30 for three months, or you can opt for the new one-year deal for just €99. Payment is via MasterCard or VISA or, from next week, via PayPal. When the paid-for time expires, you can always extend the life of your advert by re-booking.

Interested parties can contact you directly via the ‘Your Question’ contact form – and we will then forward the communication to your email address.


Photos: Classic Driver

Please register now, on our new login page. We wish you every success in selling your car.