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Classic Driver at the Geneva Show: Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce

Lamborghini’s offering at Geneva 2009 was typically flamboyant: a Giallo Orion, 670bhp uprated Murciélago.

The latest version of the V12, 4wd supercar is an uprated Murciélago LP 640 that features extra power (from 640bhp to 670bhp) and a 200kg reduction in weight.

The interior is trimmed in Alcantara and contains many carbonfibre parts, while buyers can choose from two rear wing-sizes. With the small, standard-fit rear spoiler the top speed is 342km/h (212mph), while the large, ‘Aeropack Wing’ adds downforce but reduces maximum velocity to a paltry 337km/h (209mph).

It does, however, do wonders for posing credibility outside the Casino during Monaco Grand Prix week.

Visually – rear tea-trays apart – the latest iteration of the company’s flagship has new air management treatment at the front, with matt black-painted parts mixed with carbonfibre. The engine is visible under hexagonal polymer plates made from transparent polycarbonate, set on three levels within a carbonfibre framework.

Two transmissions are offered: e.gear semi-automatic sequential as standard, or a conventional ‘stick’ six-speed as a no-cost option. A standard-fit lifting system enables the front end of the vehicle to be raised by 45mm (1.8in) to assist in parking or negotiating speed-bumps.

The Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce is available in the following colours: Giallo Orion, Arancio Atlas, Bianco Isis, Grigio Telesto and Nero Aldebaran, as well as Bianco Canopus (white matt) and Nero Nemesis (black matt) as options.

Production will be limited to just 350 examples.

Text: Steve Wakefield
Photos: Newspress

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