Classic Driver Dealer: Gregor Fisken

“We have all sorts of customers, individuals from very different backgrounds, but there’s a common thread which links them all. We don’t deal with people who are satisfied with the average. Each and every one of our clientele wants the best of the best,” says Gregor Fisken, of the fine historic automobile dealership which bears his name.

“What’s more, we only sell cars that I like; and that’s Like with a capital L. I can’t sell a car unless it makes my revs go up a bit; unless my senses come alive.”

And what are the cars with this magical quality? Fisken names a few examples which have just been consigned to his Kensington-based business:

“There’s an ex-NART, ex-Luigi Chinetti Ferrari Daytona 365GTB/4. It’s one of the first of the 15 built with an aluminium body to full Group 4 specification; the actual car which came second in class in Sebring in 1972. We’ve also taken on a Jaguar D-type which spent 26 years at the Le Mans museum – one of the most original and low-mileage D-types ever to come onto the market.

“And then we’ve been consigned a significant Ferrari collection, including three feature cars. First, an F40 which has done less than 3000 miles from new: truly immaculate, quite possibly the finest F40 in existence. Secondly, from the same collection, an outstanding right-hand drive Ferrari Daytona which has been beautifully restored. The jewel in the crown, however, is the ex-Mike Parkes and Phil Scragg Ferrari 275 GTB/4 – the only one supplied with an aluminium body. The car hasn’t been on the market for many, many years and its condition is quite extraordinary.”

Gregor Fisken’s business is clearly founded on passion: a lifelong love affair. “As a schoolboy, the only thing that sprung me out of bed in the morning was knowing it was the day that Autosport, or Motor Sport, or any of the classic car magazines would come through the door. When I wasn’t playing truant, I was doodling pictures of racing cars or hiding car magazines under my work.” After leaving school, Fisken worked for the famous Scottish restorer and dealer, Bunty Scott-Moncrieff, which plugged him straight into the mainstream of the great, pre-War automobiles: “Proper parenting meant I’d been brought up in the back of pre-War Bentleys. I shared my parents’ and grandparents’ passion for Bentley and Le Mans, and later for Jaguar and Ferrari.”

As well as the very successful business he founded in 1991, Gregor Fisken is himself a well-respected modern endurance racer, with a CV including the Le Mans 24 Hours. He’s a highly talented historic racer, too, and contributes to the sport through sponsorship. “We’ve supported the Gentlemen Drivers series for six years, and this year broke new ground by supporting Motor Racing Legends and the Royal Automobile Club Woodcote Trophy, for pre-1956 sports-racers. We thought, ‘When did we last see Jaguar D-types fighting it out with 300S Maseratis; C-types; 340MM Ferraris; proper XK140s; early MGAs; and all those wonderful British Astons?’ And to have Sir Stirling Moss and young Le Mans driver Gavin Pickering, sharing an OSCA. What a fantastic grid. The least we can do is provide a little sponsorship.”

As a business, Gregor Fisken hasn’t changed its stance over the years. “At one point, people worried that the whole scene would become too professional and stop being fun. This hasn’t happened. It’s just become better organised, and the provenance of cars more important. Hence our customers put a value on the fact that we research cars thoroughly, and work in a very transparent way. People find that reassuring. I think the future is very good for our business, but it has never felt like a job. The day it feels like a chore, I’ll pack it in.”

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Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photos: Gregor Fisken

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