Chicago to Paris in 7 Hours

It’s no secret that a private jet is the most convenient form of transport. For those in the fortunate position to have the choice, who would want to travel any other way? For sure it represents a high cost, but given the measure of personal freedom and flexibility it’s certainly worth it. Just look at the success of Netjets, and other similar operators. If there’s the choice of jet, then surely the Bombardier Global 5000 is the Bugatti Veyron of the skies.

In standard form the aeroplane can seat twelve passengers plus crew, but for the record run just four were taken. Taking off from Chicago’s Palwaukee airport, the ‘small Concorde’ reached Paris (Le Bourget) in just 7 hours 15 minutes. The 6,500 kilometres having been dispatched at speeds of up to 0.88 Mach.

Launched in April 2005, the ‘plane is presented as the fastest and most comfortable of its type. With a cabin width of 2.49 metres, and headroom of 1.91 metres, it’s a spacious place to work or relax. Its equipment is state of the art, with superlative business and entertainments electronics on board. With such a high specification you can be sure its competitors at Dassault and Cessna will be working hard.

And if you have to ask, you probably cannot afford it. The Canadian manufacturer is as quiet on the price of its ‘ultimate executive jet’ as it is in the aeroplane’s cabin.

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Text: J.Philip Rathgen
Photos: Bombardier

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