Channel your inner Graham Hill with these three BRM racers

A BRM is a rare car, we have just three for sale right now in the Classic Driver Market, and remarkably they are all available through one dealer, William I’Anson.

That iconic BRM combination of green with the orange nose is unmistakable. The 1964 BRM P261 is one of the greatest 1.5-litre Grand Prix cars, and this very car was a prototype chassis that was tested and raced by Formula 1 legend Graham Hill. The P56 V8 engine would be a welcome note to many of the high-profile historic racing events such as the 2021 Monaco Historique.

Go back just four years and Grand Prix cars looked very different, this fantastic 1960 P48 that was driven to victory by Dan Gurney in Australia is a real time-warp car and again will see you welcomed at many of the modern-day historic motorsport events. The engine in this car was originally from P25 chassis 1, an engine that can claim to have been driven by Sir Stirling Moss, Ron Flockhart and raced at Monza and Monaco to name a few. That leads us on to the third car…

A 1950’s BRM P25 recreation that started life in the 1960’s. Built using the help of those who built the original BRM cars, this car is well known and has been recreated with the blessing of BRM. Campaigned in historic racing during the 1970’s the car then went to Hall & Hall along with the aforementioned P48 and received a new 285hp engine. The car is ready to go racing along with its younger brothers and they all represent great opportunities to indulge in the highly social world of historic racing. British cool at its best.


Photos: Stefan Marjoram for William I'Anson © 2021