Cayenne now with extra power and new Panorama roof system

This autumn, Stuttgart-based Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, is expanding its customisation programme for its sports all-terrain vehicles. This includes increasing the power of the Cayenne Turbo and an automatic extending reversing camera for all three model variations. Likewise, the entire Cayenne vehicle model series will be offered with a new Panorama roof system which, compared with familiar sliding sunroof/pop-up roof systems, has approxi-mately four times more opening area.

More Power

Porsche is offering increased power for the Cayenne Turbo model, available worldwide from December 2004, through the exclusive and Tequipment programme. This includes increas-ing the engine performance from 331 kW (450 HP) to 368 kW (500 HP), a reinforced brake system and an adapted suspension. Thus equipped, the Cayenne Turbo can reach a top speed of 270 km/h (series production: 266 km/h). It accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds (Cayenne Turbo with 450 HP: 5.6 seconds). Fuel consumption, as with the 450 HP vehicles, remains unchanged at 15.7 litres (EU overall).

The 50 HP power increase is achieved by an optimised flow design of the intercooler com-bined with further developed engine management. In conjunction with changed accelerator pedal characteristics, this results in an optimised torque build-up and even sportier engine characteristics. The maximum torque has increased from 620 to 700 newton metres and pro-vides between 2,250 and 4,750 revolutions.

The front-wheel brake has a new aluminium six-piston disc-brake calliper in the well-known monobloc design as well as an enlarged brake disc 380 mm in diameter (series production: 350 mm) and 38 mm thick (series production: 34 mm). In addition, the engineers have opti-mised the brake ventilation. Also adapted was the rear-wheel brake, where an enlarged 358 mm brake disc (series production: 330 mm) is used.

In Germany, the Cayenne Turbo with kit engine costs EUR 116.844 including VAT (series production: EUR 101,880) and in the USA USD 109.200 excluding taxes (series production: USD 89,300). With a retrofit offered through the Tequipment programme, the price including VAT is EUR 14.268 (USA excluding taxes: USD 18.500), plus the assembly costs at the Por-sche dealer.

Variable Panorama Roof System for all Cayenne Models

From December 2004, the sports all-terrain vehicles Cayenne, Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo can be supplied if required with an electrically operated Panorama roof system made from laminated safety glass. It has a surface area of 1.4 m² and is thus almost four times larger than the optional sliding sunroof/pop-up roof systems. As of now, it is possible to place orders for the multi-adjustable glass roof at a price of EUR 3.190 (including VAT in Germany) from Porsche centres. In the USA, the price is USD 3.900 excluding taxes.

Cayenne now with extra power and new Panorama roof system Cayenne now with extra power and new Panorama roof system The Panorama roof system is characterised by its remarkable versatility. It comprises three movable segments and one fixed segment. The front segment swings up on being opened and acts as a wind deflector, which minimises wind noise and turbulence even at high speed using so-called flaps. The two central glass segments can be opened separately to allow a targeted inflow of fresh air, either for the front seat area or the rear. To this end, the two segments can be pushed above or below one another, and for that maximum wind-in-your-hair driving experience, they can even be moved right to the back. In addition, it is possible to locate the roof segment in a raised position over the rear seats. In total, fifteen different roof arrangements can be selected.

In addition, an electric roller blind prevents too much sunlight inside the vehicle. Operating the entire roof system, which is of course fitted with finger protection, is simple: It is operated by an illuminated rotary switch in the roof console.

Cayenne now with extra power and new Panorama roof system Cayenne now with extra power and new Panorama roof system

Reversing Camera for Precise Manoeuvring

Also from December 2004, all Cayenne models will be offered worldwide with an automatic extending reversing camera at a price of EUR 1.612,40 (including VAT in Germany). In the USA, this extremely useful piece of customised equipment for reversing manoeuvres is available for USD 1.680 (excluding taxes).

The reversing camera, which is fitted with a wide angle lens, opens out automatically under-neath the rear window when reverse gear is selected and provides the driver with a clear picture of what is happening behind the car via the 6.5-inch colour display of the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system. This optical aid not only allows precise reverse parking and timely recognition of any hazardous obstacles on the road or in open country, but also a controlled coupling of a trailer, without the driver having to rely on a person outside the vehicle giving hand signals.

The reversing camera is only a few centimetres long and disappears when forward gear is selected and at speeds above 15 km/h under an inconspicuous cover painted in the colour of the car. It thus cannot be damaged during the journey and at the same time is protected from dirt.

Text/Photos: Porsche

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