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Would you check 'rearwing delete' for your Touring Aero 3?

For the lucky owners of the of the Aero 3 they now have a big decision to make as they choose the bespoke options for their car. Do you order it with the wing or without? To find out more we chatted with Carrozzeria Touring Head of Design, Louis de Fabribeckers.

Louis, what was your inspiration behind creating the GT version?

Well, to define the limited production of Aero 3, we like to say that it is not simply a production of 15 cars, but 15 times a bespoke Aero 3. The inspiration for the GT comes from this question: “How far can we push the boundary of bespoke?”, Each Aero 3 will have it’s own strong personality and we will work to configure the car to the owner’s lifestyle and cultural influences. At the same time of course we must still keep in mind the concept of “club of 15”, “the lucky Aero 3 owners”, all the owners should still share a similar ownership experience.

Looking into our heritage and the 8C 2900B, we made different shapes and body styles, this helped in making the 8C 2900B family more interesting and unique. That inspired us with the Aero 3 GT.

We often forget in modern times that vintage and classic cars often had many body variants, it is a interesting idea to take influence form your rich past. How much work was involved in creating the GT?

The big change of course is on the rear trunk, recreating the area in order to take away the aero fin and incorporate the new rear glass. This move highlights the teardrop shape, a strong design element from the Touring DNA which we never stop using and can also be seen in the Disco Volante.

The rear shoulders of the car when viewing from a front ¾ angle, reinforce both power and elegance in comparison with the first Aero 3 that had a daring and streamline style.

This change gives the car a completely different identity and use to the first Aero 3. But, this is not the end, I hope we will create other Aero 3s that will incorporate other modifications. I am excited for what they could be, rear bumper with lateral exhaust and central license plate, a glass roof, front bumper with additional lights, there are so many exciting routes to take.

The GT looks like the perfect car to enjoy a beautiful grand tour, what would be your dream continental drive with the Aero 3?

There are so many options, but if I have to choose a perfect day, I would say:  After an early morning swim in the Argentario Sea, I would enjoy a fantastic breakfast on the terrace at Il Pellicano. Then, feeling refreshed and revived I walk round to my Aero 3 and load in my travel bags. Then, sat in the GT as it warms up I would flip a coin and let fate decide whether to drive the long-side the Italian coast to Roma, or to Volterra and San Giminiano, but, not before having enjoyed the Cypress Straight of Bolgheri. That would be just perfect!

That sounds an amazing day! We are all longing for dreamy days of endless driving. Hopefully the world will be in a better condition this year. Will we be able to see the GT on display in Europe anywhere this year?

Well, as each car is bespoke It all depends on our costumer’s wishes. if we have a bit more freedom this summer then I guess he would like to drive it as much as possible and hopefully that will include some of the fantastic events that will hopefully once again happen in 2021.