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Would you be seen dead in this Maserati Ghibli hearse?

With Halloween approaching, you could be forgiven for dismissing this ‘extended wheelbase’ Maserati Ghibli as a designer’s apparitional vision. But no – an Italian coachbuilder has actually transformed the four-door saloon into funeral transport…

If you’re going to be buried in your best Italian suit, you might as well ride to your final destination in a car of the same origin, right? Perhaps that makes sense in theory but, while Piedmontese funeral car builder Ellena Autotrasformazioni has created a surprisingly cohesive design, we can’t help but wonder if a diesel-engined sports saloon was the ideal donor car. Surely a Rolls-Royce Phantom hearse would be more appropriate, in more ways than one?

Photo: Ellena Autotrasformazioni