Wim Prins: The good prince of Nunspeet

In the town of Nunspeet, Central Netherlands, classic car dealer Wim Prins has spent decades forging a reputation as an Alfa Romeo specialist – and in recent years, has expanded to cover other marques. Classic Driver paid a visit…

By the tender age of 16, Wim Prins had already been bitten by the bug that is Alfa Romeo, and his passion soon developed into an entrepreneurial ambition. “After I had bought my first Alfa, I opened a workshop on my mother’s farm,” recalls Prins. What began in that backyard steadily became an authorised representative of the company in the Netherlands, and Wim Prins has now been regarded a marque specialist for the past quarter-century.

More than 'just' Alfa Romeos

This is not the only string to Prins’ bow, however: the opening of a modern showroom and website has seen his Dutch outfit steadily expand its business. Furthermore, 2005 saw the formation of ‘PrinsEsclusivo’, a banner under which Prins also offers modern limos and sports cars from the likes of Porsche, Maserati and Aston Martin; it is also one of four official Abarth dealerships in the Netherlands. Two years ago, the ‘PrinsClassic’ was formed as a foray into the lucrative classic car business – and a further expansion of this division is on the horizon.

Car dealer with a heart

Whether modern or classic, Alfa or Aston, Ferrari or Porsche – the team at Wim Prins promises its customers a competent and personal service. “We are a fantastic team,” says Prins, “and we’re just as enthusiastic as any of our clients. It’s very important to establish a basis of trust with each of them individually.” It’s also clear that Prins is a man of commitment and heart – not only evidenced by his impressive business, but also his support of such projects as ‘René Kids Centre’, which helps impoverished children in Namibia.

Photos: © Steve Hall for Classic Driver

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