Will the Ferrari F40 be Maranello's next multi-million-dollar superstar?

Not the rarest of supercars, nor even the most rapid, but the F40 holds a special place in people's hearts. Why is that? We asked the experts...

"The F40 offers sheer thrill and exhilaration. It’s so raw, it’s so basic and it’s so impressive. Everything about the car is great… except the brakes. And that's an easily solvable problem." So says James Cottingham of Ferrari specialist DK Engineering, about the last car that Enzo commissioned. "These days, people might climb out of a brand-new Ferrari and say that it’s fantastically fast, but a little bit cold and neutral. The experience of driving an F40, on the other hand, is both highly impressive and truly thrilling. It’s a rare combination. With the regulations and laws and manufacturing methods as they are today, I think it would be difficult for Ferrari to ever build a car that is, as a package, as good as an F40." 

Rising popularity

"Ten years ago we were selling the cars for a lot less, and selling them to owners who would have just an F40 in their collection," continues Cottingham. "They may have put a 355 in part-exchange, put some cash into the deal, and driven off in their new pride and joy. Today, however, 90% of the people buying F40s from us already have other cars in their collection. This proves that they have now become a collectible item. We’ve just sold another F40 to a collector who already has a 288, an F50 and and an Enzo – and now they’re adding an F40 to make up almost a complete road-going set, if you like. Prices have gone up from £150,000 not that many years ago, to somewhere between £350,000 and £600,000. Yes, the F40 is not that rare because so many cars were built, but while supply is high, there is also a very high demand – from people who have lusted after an F40 for many years. And since there is a great diversity in the quality of the cars out there, it reduces the availability of the cars you'd want to buy in an ideal world."

Only the best will do

Gregor Fisken, of fine historic automobile dealership Fiskens, agrees that quality is everything. "With a relatively high number around, I would counsel anyone looking for an F40 to really take your time and go to someone who can find you a car with a clear, well-documented history – one that’s been loved from new." But are values on the rise? Fiskens Sales Executive, Dylan Miles, is understandably cautious about predicting future trends, but he confirms, "Certainly, the best cars with the lowest mileage, fewest owners, most desirable spec and accident-free histories are achieving very high prices compared with five years ago."


Photos: Tim Scott/Fluid Images


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