We’d buy these sports cars for their seats alone

Forget Eames’s lounge chair or Le Corbusier’s Barcelona armchair — the unknown icons of modern chair design can be found in the cockpits of these classic sports cars…

The names of the designers who imagined a Lancia Delta, Ferrari F40, or McLaren F1 are now known by every car-loving school child, but the names of those who designed their seats aren’t common knowledge. There’s hardly a place with a higher demand for an armchair than the cockpit of a sports or racing car. They must be light, flexible, and able to adapt ergonomically to the driver and offer support, even after many driving hours to be comfortable, while still looking good when the driver isn’t behind the wheel. These 12 sports seats haven’t only fulfilled these requirements, but they’ve also immortalised themselves in the design history of the automobile. 

12 sports cars with legendary seats