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We love all colours on cars, as long as they’re dark green

There’s no denying it any longer, dark green is the automotive colour of the year for 2018. We have always thought that most cars simply look better in green. And the following examples from the Classic Driver Market should convert those final few sceptics into believers…

With the Verde Abetone Ferrari F40 from Automobili Amos, the millionth Porsche 911 dipped in Irish Green, and the new Audi RS5 in Sonoma Green all going viral on social media, it’s starting to become abundantly clear that dark green is back. We have been defending our dark green brand identity against all the bright colour trends and zeitgeist shades for the past 20 years, and can only smile knowingly in light of the current green wave — we’ve been atop the trend all along. And a quick glance at the Classic Driver Market proves that dark green looks good on just about everything, from British sports car classics to German racing cars and Italian supercars. Does a Porsche 906, Ferrari 456, or a Lamborghini Diablo SV look more appealing in any other colour?

Admit it — these cars look better in green