Vive la révolution! 10 French hot hatches you need in your life

Forget the clinical Golf GTi, there is a new wave of buyers seeking chic thrills from these French hatches, with prices now on the rise…

A slew of Renault 5 Turbos have landed on the auction scene recently, and with dealers rushing to stock them as a result, the flared-arch 1980s pocket rocket is in the eye-line of the collector. Even the subtle alternatives, such as the Renault Alpine Turbo, the Citroen AX Sport, and of course, the Peugeot 205 GTi, are being hunted down, remembered by those around at the time for their pure driving thrills and cassette deck charisma. The Gran Turismo generation are also seeking the millennial mid-engined marvel, the Renault Clio V6 — an absurd vehicle we're unlikely to see the likes of for a long time. We’ve chosen 10 examples of these euro hatches from the Classic Driver Market. 

10 French hot hatches from the Classic Driver Market