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These were the coolest cars to see during Milan Design Week

With hundreds of pop-up exhibitions all around town, it’s easy to get lost during Milan Design Week. We selected the shows that no car guy should miss.

FuoriConcorso Quattro Book Launch

On Tuesday night, Audi’s “House of Progress” was the stage for the release of FuoriConcorso’s latest project – a new book called “FuoriConcorso Quattro”. Presented by Guglielmo Miani and photographer Andrea Luzardi, the book compiles some of Audi’s most iconic quattro cars, all photographed at night in the streets of Milan. “FuoriConcorso Quattro” is now available in the CD Shop. At the same time, Audi’s Head of Design, Marc Lichte, walked us around the stunning new Audi gransphere concept – a timelessly elegant grand tourer that will go into production in the coming years. 

Touring Superleggera x Luca Trazzi

Touring Superleggera is approaching its 100th birthday, but it was the first time that the iconic Milanese coachbuilding and design studio presented itself to the crowds at Milan Design Week. In collaboration with the architect and designer Luca Trazzi, Touring turned the historical courtyard of the Palazzo Morrigia into an artful light installation using the iconic Superleggera logo and showcasing the latest projects, a beautifully restored Lamborghini 350 GT and the Touring Arese RH95.


For Milan Design Week, Porsche launched a new installment from the brand’s ‘The Art of Dreams’ event series. The botanic art installation set up by Ruby Barber at Palazzo Clerici featured a labyrinth of wild roses and a freshly restored 1972 Porsche 911 S 2.4 Targa surrounded by flowers. The car was first presented to mark the 50th birthday of Porsche Design. 


After all, the talk of the town among all car guys during Milan Design Week was the launch of Nardone’s new Porsche 928 restomod design by Carlo Borromeo. Having seen the retro-futuristic car in person at Palazzo Borromeo, we can only congratulate the team on what they have archived in the last three years – refreshingly different and perfectly executed, the redesigned transaxle Porsche takes the restomod game to a new level. We cannot wait to drive it.

Garage Italia 

Meanwhile, Garage Italia unveiled another electrified icon of Italian motoring history. This time, a 1992 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider was turned into a hybrid. Painted in a refreshing turquoise and fitted with red Poltrona Frau leather, we cannot think of a cooler car for a long summer drive down the Mediterranean.