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These modern collectable Ferraris have accumulated just 500 miles between them

Both for sale via Classic Driver dealer Tom Hartley Jnr, this pair of modern, limited-production Ferraris tick all the boxes in terms of collectability – and have a sum total of just 502 miles on the clock…

The cars in question – a 2009 430 Scuderia 16M and a 2011 599 S.A. Aperta – have both been riding the wave of young-classic collectability during their short lives. A driver’s favourite, the Scuderia inherits the more focused nature of its coupé brother, yet gives you the option of getting even closer to sensory overload by putting the roof down. It seems the previous owner wasn’t quite as appreciative of this as he might be, as the car has covered an average of only 50 miles a year since it was ordered (with a variety of optional extras, we might add). Only 499 16Ms were produced, making it all the more attractive to marque collectors.

The 599 S.A. Aperta, meanwhile, was produced in even lower numbers (80, to be precise) and this example has covered even fewer miles than its temporary stablemate. Showing just 94 miles – a large proportion of which were likely to be acquired during testing and delivery – it could be one of the least-travelled Apertas out there. Adding another facet of desirability for collectors, this example was signed by former Ferrari chairman Luca Di Montezemolo at the factory, the signature then lacquered over to seal it into the paintwork.

Photos: Tom Hartley Jnr.

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