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These 10 classic cars would most definitely please King Midas

Gold might have gone out of fashion as a car colour in this day and age, but the shade actually gives the purest classics a regal and elegant shine…

In the 1960s and ’70s, it was common to see sporty cars painted in warm bronzes and gold tones. Depending on the specific colour and its metallic nature, gold made Gran Turismos from Ferrari and Maserati look timeless and elegant, while it also gave Teutonic sports cars from Mercedes and Porsche a certain Mediterranean grandeur. Today, nobody would dream of painting their new car gold – look to the Classic Driver Market, and only around 60 of the 9,000 cars we have for sale are finished in the shade. But that’s reason enough to take interest once again – just look at the renaissance dark green is having at the moment. These are the most beautiful golden cars from the Market. 

10 golden classics from the Classic Driver Market.