Tales of Bentley Continental ownership, from the Wally Yachts founder

Research shows you’re much more likely to buy a product if it comes recommended by a respectable figure. Who better to provide an insight into ownership of this Bentley R-Type Continental, then, than its previous owner – who also founded Wally Yachts?

Bentley Boy dreams

“Since I was a young boy, I had dreamed of owning an R-Type Continental and becoming a member of the Bentley Boys group,” says Luca Bassani Antivari in the catalogue description for his beloved Bentley, which he affectionately refers to by its registration number, UTU 3. “It has always been, for me, the only classic car that could be used comfortably by its owner. Late in the 1980s, I began to look for one and had the opportunity to see and touch a dozen examples. In the end, I realised that UTU 3 was the nicest one because of her shape and lines that had been so perfectly drawn and built.

“The delivery in St Tropez of my R-Type had a real James Bond touch. I landed in my helicopter, close to a lorry that, immediately after our landing, opened, with my Continental sliding out from its rear. My friend and I immediately jumped in the magnificent car to go directly to the Club 55, where I was welcomed more than ever! In St Tropez, when the road to the harbour was closed to traffic, I never had any problem being allowed to pass in my Bentley. The same has been true in Monte Carlo: when UTU 3 arrives, there is a race between the valet guys to park her, and in the best position possible.” Sounds rather enticing to us.

Photos: Tim Scott for RM Sotheby’s

Antivari’s 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental can be found in the Classic Driver Market among the lotlist for RM’s Monaco 2016 sale. You can also browse a selection of Wally yachts.