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This stylish Mini Type 10 by Spectre is actually a 230bhp RWD hooligan

While 30 1960s Minis go nose-to-nose around Goodwood our hunt for the ultimate Mini led us to discover the insane and beautiful Spectre Type 10, but there’s only 10 cars planned for now!

Dreamed up by a team of enthusiasts in Canada this mighty Mini is a perfect demonstration of how to restomod an exciting and beautiful car. The heart of the Type 10 is the 2.0 litre Honda VTEC engine that puts 230bhp out through the rear wheels thanks to a six-speed transmission. The details within the engine bay demonstrate the care that has gone in to the car, with the use of gold foil reminiscent of the McLaren F1.

Inside could be described as classic contemporary. Wood, leather, fabrics and metal all combine to deliver a spacious and functional cabin. The gear stick is a work of art while the classic oval dash in wood is pure class. The oatmeal carpets give that homely classic look that reminds you that you’re sat in a sixty-year old car.

The wheels are a nod towards the iconic Minilite, but they’re actually carefully designed three-piece wheels with the spokes directing heat away from the brakes. Clever stuff! Talking of brakes, there are 4-pot calipers and disks all around and braided hoses running uprated fluids to ensure that when the pace increase the brakes are up to the job.

The final touch we really love is the Sky Panel, a large, curved piece of glass that make the interior wonderfully light and airy. Not something a Mini is well known for! It will remain to be seen just how hot it will get on sunny days and if hitting a curb at full chat on track could lead to any stresses on the roof, but it’s a cool feature we love. Although for the serious track addicts it can also be a delete option. Talking of options, the titanium exhaust is a no brainer!

Don’t miss out, get your order in now. The next step is a chat with the creative director, ensuring a wonderfully intimate process to make sure the car is exactly as you wish.