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Stuttgart’s secret showroom

Tobias Aichele recently extended his offering of premium motorcycles to include rare four-wheeled classics. We visited the showroom in Motorworld Stuttgart – and were given a glimpse of the buried treasure hidden away…

A labour of love

That the business of dealing in classics – whether two-, three- or four-wheeled – is a matter for the heart as well as the head, Tobias Aichele proved from the outset. “For me, ‘Premiummotorrad’ was a dream come true,” enthused the motorcycle enthusiast in 2013, after the opening of his showrooms at Motorworld Region Stuttgart. Now, however, Aichele also sells rare automotive classics under the title ‘Premiumfahrzeug’, with a focus on racing and sports cars from Zuffenhausen. Aichele has been active in the Stuttgart motor industry for 30 years, as an editor, author and organiser, accumulating a wealth of know-how over the last three decades that helps him to find truly authentic motorcycles and vehicles. His expertise also covers researching a vehicle’s provenance, documenting restorations and helping collectors to acquire the right vehicles.

Proving authenticity

The latest example of this line of work is a provenance check on a Porsche 550 Spyder, restored 20 years ago. Digital photography was then still in its infancy, but nevertheless the work was carefully documented, including the details of original parts replaced during the restoration. The 550 Spyder is now available for sale from Premiumfahrzeug. A second exciting project in 2014 was the discovery of an almost pristine Porsche 907 in Italy. The former factory race car was, until recently, owned by an Italian racing driver, and Tobias Aichele was able to verify the car’s authenticity from his knowledge of both contemporary styling and the aging of plastics. “It’s a blessing for posterity that this 907 was allowed survive in such an authentic state,” he concluded. The car was then sold – after close to 50 years.

 A peek into the treasure chamber

Tobias Aichele showed Classic Driver not only his nicely furnished showroom in Motorworld Stuttgart, run in partnership with leasing specialist COMCO, but also his unofficial, ‘hidden’ showroom. Here, Aichele welcomes only his regular customers, where they can view and discuss classics in discreet, private surroundings.

Photos: Premiumfahrzeug

Premiumfahrzeug’s current range of premium vehicles can be found in the Classic Driver Market.