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Snapshot, 1980: Who needs a hair dryer when you’ve got a Delta?

It’s October 1980, and a year after the Lancia Delta was first introduced at the 1979 Frankfurt Auto Show, public interest is growing, as are the queues to get behind the wheel of the zippy Italian hatchback…

Although introduced as a five-door family car, the Delta is evolving from domestic wagon to untamed macchina — drawing the attention of many beautiful women in its wake, so much so that they’re lining up just for a chance to get behind the wheel of one. And once they finally sit in the chequered wool driver’s seat, specially designed by Italian fashion house Zegna, the only regret these beautiful women will have is wasting time meticulously styling their hair this morning — luckily, the wind-swept look is in.

Photo: Jack Garofalo/Paris Match via Getty Images