Snapshot, 1968: The mighty Méhari makes its scantily-clad debut

It’s May 1968, and Citroën is staging a typically unconventional press debut for its typically unconventional new Méhari…

The radical buggy-like Méhari is well ahead of its time – a simple and versatile machine with all the quirkiness and fun befitting a classic Citroën. Appropriately, the bold French marque has chosen a suitably fun press debut for the car. The Méharis presented have each been assigned a crew of glamorous females, each dressed for an occasion perfectly suited to the cars’ go-anywhere ethos, be it hunting big game on African plains, sun-seeking on the Californian coast, or ferrying troops into a war zone. The Méhari will strike quite a chord with the public today – over the course of the next 20 years, around 145,000 of the dinky off-road SUVs will be produced, a significant proportion of which will continue to provide smiles-per-mile (and essential mobility) for many decades to come. 

Photo: Keystone-France via Getty Images