Snapshot, 1968: How not to cool down a Ferrari 250 LM

Is this really a Ferrari 250 LM sleeping beneath a layer of snow in the Italian city of Aosta? The staff of the restaurant in the background must have plied the car’s owners with some exceptional red wine for them to forget about their precious cargo out in the cold…

Shocking as it seems today, obsolete Ferrari racing cars weren’t exactly treated with care in the 1960s and 1970s, as recently confirmed to us by Alain de Cadenet. He told of his exploits in no fewer than six 250 GTOs that, at the time, were cheaper to replace than to maintain. Making a stopover in the Italian city of Aosta on his way back from Maranello, we imagine the value of the beautiful black Ferrari 250 LM was the last thing on sports car concessionaire Don Parker’s mind. 

Photo: GP Library/UIG via Getty Images

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