Snapshot, 1967: “What on earth is that..?”

It’s 1967, and bemused passers-by peer inquisitively at the STP-Paxton Turbocar, an alien-looking racer than will soon make waves at Indianapolis…

Developed by Ken Wallis in collaboration with famed engineer Andy Granatelli, the Turbocar has quietly ripped up the rulebook, marrying a Pratt & Whitney gas turbine with the innovative Ferguson four-wheel-drive system and an ultra-light aluminium chassis. Encouraged by its early pace, Parnelli Jones has agreed to drive the car in this year’s Indianapolis 500 (for a considerable fee), where he will lead until just three laps before the finish line when his torque converter will sadly fail. Rocked by the competitiveness of this radical racing car, the racing authorities will soon effectively ban the technology. The only thing more outrageous than the Turbocar’s design is the pit crew’s gleaming white trousers, covered in red STP logos. 

Photo: GP Library via Getty Images

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