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Snapshot, 1967: Configuring your Aston Martin, the old-fashioned way

It’s 1 December 1967, and to show off the extensive range of personalisation options for the new DB6 — not to mention the craftsmanship that goes into such a car — Aston Martin has arranged a photo call at Newport Pagnell, seemingly roping in anyone they could find… 

If you were to tell one of Aston Martin’s representatives present during this photo call that one day far in the future you’ll be able to configure your car on a small electronic screen from the comfort of your own home, they’d probably laugh in your face. For now, though, they seem to think that several tins of paints, a couple of sharply suited salesmen, and a troupe of craftsman holding up a herd’s worth of Connolly leather will let the public know how they might be able to spec their DB6. Fortunately for us, Aston Martin has already built the perfect example — cherry red over tan leather? Yes, please. 

Photo: BIPS / Stringer via Getty Images