Snapshot, 1964: Horse whispering with Richard Anthony in St Tropez

It’s the summer of 1964, and the glamorisation of St. Tropez is well underway. But rather than sip Chablis with A-listers and sneak a peek at Brigitte Bardot’s cleavage, French singer Richard Anthony is busy maintaining his new Ferrari 250 GT 2+2…

Shunning the jet-set’s beach parties, Anthony finds a better use for his towel – using it instead as a bench from which to maintain his new Ferrari. The question is, are the self-proclaimed horse-whisperer’s servicing skills on a par with his vocals, or is he simply posing as a faux masculinity expert for the benefit of Paris Match photographer Jack Garofalo? If the former, we’re sure a quick oil change would benefit his wife Michèle’s 250 GT Lusso, too.

Incidentally, we’ve just discovered that the car Michèle eventually traded her Lusso in for, an Aston Martin DB6 Vantage, is currently for sale in the Market.

Photo: Jack Garofalo for Paris Match / Getty Images

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