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Sergio Pininfarina’s personal Ferrari 365 GTC/4 is rolling design history

How must it feel to drive a sports car that you designed yourself? This Ferrari 365 GTC/4 that’s currently for sale in the Classic Driver Market was owned by the design master Sergio Pininfarina between 1971 and ’73…

Imagine if Sergio Pininfarina and Enzo Ferrari had never met. Certainly, Italian automotive history would have been written in a fundamentally different way. Since 1951, the illustrious Turinese styling house has designed over 200 cars for Ferrari, the vast majority of which became instant classics. Naturally, Pininfarina’s key personnel were among the first in line for the latest models, ahead of most regular customers. 

In 1971, for example, the sixth Ferrari 365 GTC/4 to leave the production line was handed over the Pininfarina. The black-lacquered Grand Tourer was used for marketing purposes, and as Sergio Pininfarina’s company car until 1973. This historic example – which recently benefitted from an extensive restoration – is currently for sale with LBI Limited in Philadelphia, priced at 425,000 US dollars. Considering its historically significant provenance, and the fact that only 505 GTC/4s were ever built, we don’t think that’s an unreasonable price to ask. 

Photos: LBI Limited

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