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Roaring Twenties to roaring twenties in this astounding Amilcar

Rétromobile might be a few weeks away, but Classic Driver dealer Dylan Miles has already laid a claim to the star of the show award with this exquisite Amilcar C6 Brookland Voiturette, a car that, as this fun short film shows, is still a veritable giant-killer 93 years later...

The new Amilcar C6 

The French manufacturer Amilcar produced only around 45 of the six-cylinder C6 voiturettes, of which this example – commonly known as the ‘Humphreys’ car thanks to its highest-profile racing driver owner – is arguably among the most storied. The ultra-significant car raced at Brooklands an extraordinary 56 times and boasts a history file that is as extensive as it is entertaining. Now, without further ado, we’ll let Dylan Miles transport you back to 1927 and the oh-so-British launch of the handsome voiturette. If you haven’t thought about a career in acting before, Dylan, it’s never too late! 

Video: Petroleum & Co. for Dylan Miles © 2020

You can find this 1927 Amilcar C6 ‘W.E. Humphreys’ Brooklands Voiturette listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market. For those heading to Paris for Rétromobile in Paris, you’ll be able to see this sensational car in the metal on Dylan Miles’ stand.