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Relive the 2016 Silverstone Classic in these 50 exhilarating images

Despite the sheer number of attractions at the Silverstone Classic last weekend, it was the hotly contested action on the track that transfixed visitors to the world’s largest historic motorsport celebration. Relive the exhilaration with Alex Lawrence’s sensational gallery…

Relatable racing

There really is something for everyone racing at the Silverstone Classic, from pre-1956 sports cars and historic Formula 1 machines, to Group C prototypes and hilariously over-developed Super Touring cars of the 1990s. This year also saw the addition of a Can-Am/Interserie race, to celebrate 50 years since the birth of the loosely regulated formula. To witness Rob Hall skilfully fending off Andrew Newall’s monstrous McLaren M8F in his comparatively agile Matra MS670B/C was a real thrill, and definitely one of the most memorable sights (and sounds) of the weekend.

Surprise, surprise

Parades were held to celebrate 50 years of the Lamborghini Miura, 80 years of the Morgan 4/4 and 40 years since the first transaxle Porsches, the latter of which comprised a delectable spread of freshly restored 924s, 944s and 968s. Visitors were also treated to a high-speed demonstration of Mika Häkkinen’s 2001 British Grand Prix-winning McLaren MP4/16A – a stirring reminder of how glorious Formula 1 cars used to sound. 

Photos: Alex Lawrence for Classic Driver © 2016