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Practical yet powerful - 10 fast estates you need in your life

Just because life is slowing down doesn’t mean your car should, and with these super station wagons, you can keep your blood pumping even while doing the school run…

Not many things in life come without compromise, but luckily, the automotive industry has been churning out safe, reliable, unassuming estate cars that can also show a sports car a clean pair of heels (and a full boot) at the lights. What’s more, these wonder wagons also offer a certain level of discretion and are sure to receive nods of approval only from those in the know. Though Audi, BMW, and Mercedes may be best known for these, we should not forget the speedy Swedes and the glory days when Volvo 850s were also Touring car terrors, nor the tasteful turbo tweaks made to such BMWs by Alpina. From the Classic Driver Market, here are 10 choices sure to offer high-octane thrills regardless of the task.

10 fast estates from the Classic Driver Market