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Now’s the time to buy a Bentley Continental GT

With Bentley’s latest generation model now in the showrooms, the original modern-era Continental GT has suddenly become more affordable. We reckon the elegant Grand Tourer remains one of the most fascinating driver’s cars of all time…

It’s been 15 years since Bentley – that old stalwart of British tradition and luxury – reinvented itself with the Continental GT. It might have been based on the Volkswagen Imperium’s platform, but so far as the equipment and the driving experience was concerned, the ‘Conti’ was among the most impressive cars of its time. While the new generation of Continental GTs has finally hit the showrooms, earlier examples of the GT, the drop-top GTC, and the four-door Flying Spur can be obtained for very appealing prices. In the Classic Driver Market, the cheapest examples can even be found below 30,000 euros. That’s a small price to pay for a timeless design classic teeming with technology and serving up endless oodles of torque. 

Affordable Bentley Continentals in the Classic Driver Market