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New Stratos series production cancelled

The signs have been there for a while, but now it’s official: the New Stratos remains unique. According to Michael Stoschek, the man behind the project, there was opposition from Ferrari to the New Stratos’s production.

Classic Driver met Michael and his son Maximilian Stoschek at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Even then, the Stoscheks reported that they hadn’t yet had Ferrari’s blessing and it was looking probable that the project would be cancelled. The sports car prototype was based on the legendary Lancia Stratos but built on a shortened Ferrari 430 chassis, with no less a name than Pininfarina responsible for the design. As well as the new interpretation of the distinctive design, Stoschek placed great emphasis on the performance and dynamics of the two-seater. The New Stratos aimed to at least match the lap times of a Porsche GT2 or Ferrari 458 Italia. Perhaps it was this ambition that finally led Ferrari’s Amedeo Felisa to veto the project, since Maranello has no desire to create competition for itself.

New Stratos series production cancelled New Stratos series production cancelled

The attempt by an independent company to build the New Stratos alone, also failed to materialise. For while the company had plenty of chassis and body data, there were many details that relied upon the expertise of Pininfarina. Stoschek did not want to risk quality standards being compromised.

The celebrated New Stratos is therefore – sadly – a one-off. But there is a bright spot on the horizon: the factory is currently working on another prototype, a New Stratos Stradale which bears even more similarity to the original Stratos. We can hardly wait!

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