Naturally aspirated, manual modern classics to snap up now

From the glory days, when manuals were commonplace and turbos were for special occasions, these modern classics of varying ages, body styles, and manufacturers are nirvana for those tired of soulless electronic gear changes and flat engine tones…

Forget a deal with the devil for your place on the various waiting lists for the latest non-turbocharged, non-supercharged, three-pedal wonders from the likes of Porsche and Aston Martin — or failing that, stomaching the excessive premiums attached by the flippers — and take a look at the cars of the not too distant past they’re trying to replicate, as well as their current comparative values. Whether you’re looking for a snarling four-door family hauler with a rumbling V8 or a thoroughbred sports car, the ever-growing modern classic sector has plenty of options, with engaging driving guaranteed and investment returns projected. From the Classic Driver Market, here are 10 options for those seeking a real-world driving great.

10 N/A, manual modern classics available in the Classic Driver Market