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Must dash! Porsche Classic re-issues original 911 dashboard

Is your classic Porsche 911's dashboard worn, faded, and generally showing its age? Then you’re in luck, believe it or not. Porsche Classic has reproduced the unit used in all 911s between 1969 and 1975, using modern build methods but retaining its timeless aesthetics…

Imitation is flattery

Reportedly identical to the original dashboard, Porsche Classic’s reproduction is said to hold up to wear far better, thanks to its modern sub-structures. What’s more, along with the countless other services Porsche Classic offers customers, an addition such as this could well preserve the value of your pride and joy in years to come. The cost of the dashboard is 951.99 euros (inc. VAT), and installation requires removal of the windscreen, just as it did when the cars left the factory.

Photos: Porsche Classic

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