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Morgan and Pininfarina bring us a Mediterranean midsummer night‘s dream

Showcasing a celebration of coachbuilding by two of the longest-established coachbuilders in the world, and created in recognition of the heyday of European barchetta designs, Morgan and Pininfarina has just unveiled the perfect summer cruiser…

Coachbuilding is something of a lost art form. Gone are the days where ambitious design houses would think entirely out of the box, thus creating automotive design led entirely by the heart, leaving a tiny percentage to the head. Over the decades, this automotive art form has dwindled, but two names have kept true to their earliest of roots, and have finally come together to showcase the ultimate celebration of barchetta design work. Introducing the Midsummer – a study in timeless design and coachbuilding by Morgan and Pininfarina.

Limited to just 50 examples worldwide, all of which have been allocated to customers following a series of exclusive preview sessions, the Midsummer is unmistakably a Morgan, with its iconic exposed styling and sensory character, only enhanced further by sharper, more pronounced body lines, giving an even greater presence on the road. 

For anyone who’s been lucky enough to visit Morgan’s quaint factory location in Malvern, UK, you’d have seen the intense level of craftsmanship that is given to every single model in their line-up. The Midsummer is naturally no exception and features more than 400 individual layers of sustainably sourced teak that are skilfully laminated together to create sculptured wooden structures, which surround the cabin and create a distinctive shoulder line. Adding rigidity and style, the panels for each hand-formed aluminium body take more than 250 hours to create, resulting in a term the collaborators have labelled ‘Eccentric Elegance’ – we couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

With two brands with such prominent and diverse histories working together, understanding this heritage was key to ensure the Midsummer represents both outfits perfectly. It’s clear there is a deep understanding of the heritage, capabilities, location, and future intent of each company within Midsummer, where it so clearly oozes Morgan’s design language, but is cleverly mixed with the flair and purity of Pininfarina design. 

Driving a Morgan is a truly unforgettable experience. Exposure to the elements, a closeness to your surroundings and a raw connection to the car are all qualities that have defined Morgan cars for generations, and ensured those generations return with every new model. With a Barchetta design, these experiences are enhanced further, giving it a truly unique and visceral driving character.

Production begins in 2024, Morgan’s 115th year in business, and will conclude during 2025. Thankfully, we won’t have long to wait to see it in the flesh, either, as Midsummer’s first public debut is anticipated at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed, held in July of this year.