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The Mondino Transalpino was a magnificent Alpine excursion

Croissants for breakfast, serpentines for lunch and drinks at sunset. At the fourth edition of the Mondino Transalpino Alpine rally, the participants experienced the most perfect weekend…

Our friends at Mondino Amaro understand something about la dolce vita– not only can they make a first-class aperitive like no other in Munich, but they can also organise a casual rally across the Alps for like-minded classic car enthusiasts that is so much fun it has started to get a cult following. This year, we went from Lucerne to Ascona and, of course, didn’t take the route directly through the Gotthard Tunnel, but rather travelled via the Susten, Grimsel, Furka, Gotthard, Nufenen and Simplon Passes. After the daily cornering, the Transalpinists loosened up by playing tennis and paddle boating before the wonderful day culminated in an evening BBQ, the location of which was at the elegant Bauhaus Hotel Monte Verità. You couldn’t ask for a more Alpine trip! 

Photos: Yorick Carroux