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Market Finds – The weird and the wonderful

The Classic Driver Market truly is a treasure trove of weird, wacky, and ultra-special cars – five of which we’ve carefully chosen for this week’s edition of Market Finds…

1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta 750G Spider ‘Sebring Competizione’ 

Though it’s pleasant to share a journey, to be alone at the wheel – with nothing but one’s thoughts and the symphonic note of the engine – is one of life’s great pleasures. This factory competition Alfa Romeo Giulietta 750G Spider is perfect for the job, though we’re not sure we’d like to tackle the entire Mille Miglia (for which it’s eligible) alone. Thankfully the aluminium tonneau can be removed, transforming it into a fabulous two-seater. 

1984 Alpina B2.8

Alpinas have always been the ultimate ‘Q’ cars for discerning enthusiasts, adored for their speed, refinement and subtle sportiness. Even in bright ‘Henna’ red, this 1984 Alpina B2.8 cuts a fine medium between boardroom shuttle and spirited sports car. Crammed with every optional extra one could imagine, it’s done just 30k miles from new. 

1954 Arnolt-Bristol Bolide Deluxe Roadster

Arguably one of the most well-proportioned 1950s drop-top sports cars, the Arnolt-Bristol Bolide was produced in such few numbers (just 142 were hand-built over seven years) that they’re largely overlooked – in Europe, at least. This fabulous red 1954 Bolide Deluxe Roadster has been recently restored by a marque expert in the States, and the finish is nothing short of spectacular. 

1981 Renault 20/30 Turbo 4x4

There’s something humorously appealing about the prospect of taking this ex-Paris Dakar Renault 20/30 to the supermarket on a Sunday morning – after all, what other hatchback has a roof-mounted exhaust? This particular car was the first built by the privateer Marreau brothers to tackle the infamous rally in 1981, and has resided in a private collection for many years. Tracking down a period issue of Paris Match to place atop the dashboard is a necessity. 

1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR IMSA GT-O 

It’s not often historically significant time-warp competition cars such as this IMSA Porsche 911 Carrera RSR come to market. Built and raced by the hugely successful American racer Bob Gregg – who was affectionately known as ‘Bullet Bob the Barefoot Boy’ due to his penchant for racing without shoes – it’s lain dormant for the last 30-odd years. With some TLC, it could well prove competitive at next year’s Classic 24 Hour at Daytona, the circuit where it last raced in anger in 1985. 

Numerous classic and modern cars are added to the Classic Driver Market every week. You can find them all listed here