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Market Finds – Stage hogs and wallflowers

This week’s edition of Market Finds comprises another diverse mix of special classics, from an Alpine that has steered clear of the limelight to an Ariel motorcycle and sidecar that could revolutionise pub transportation forever…

1957 BMW 507 Roadster Series 1

We’re so accustomed to seeing such classics as the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL or the BMW 507 in monotonous shades of grey and black, that when one crops up in a truly unusual or bold hue, it knocks us for six. The ‘sea green’ paintwork on this ultra-rare Series 1 BMW 507 might not be original, but it sure makes Count Albrecht von Goertz’s design ‘pop’, particularly with those colour-matched Rudge wheels. 

1966 Lamborghini 350 GT

The first car that Ferruccio Lamborghini built to take on Enzo Ferrari was the 350GT. With the help of a number of names from the automotive industry, including Giotto Bizzarrini, Franco Scaglione, Bob Wallace, and Carrozzeria Touring, the car was a success, and not only paved the way for many more iconic models, but also sent a statement of intent to Il Commendatore. This freshly restored example boasts the rare four-litre V12, which should prove welcome when that Ferrari 275 GTB pulls up next to you at the lights. 

1961 Alpine A108

In comparison to the cult-classic Alpine A110, the more softly styled A108 is like the prettier older sister, who’s less fussed about hogging the limelight. Only 100 cars were built, based on the humble underpinnings of the Renault 4. This car was in the hands of its last owner for over five decades – an obvious indicator of the enduring charm these little Gallic machines possess.  

1955 Lancia Aurelia B24S Spider America

The most sought-after Lancia ever built, the Aurelia B24S Spider America is dripping in Italian elegance and ‘La Dolce Vita’ glamour. What’s more, they’re eligible for the world’s finest events – and given their versatility and usability, we see no reason why you wouldn’t drive all the way to the concours lawn itself. This matching-numbers example comes with the ultra-rare ‘low roof’ hardtop, should that Côte d’Azur sunshine decide to take a vacation itself. 

1948 Ariel-Watsonian Square Four 

This Ariel Square Four motorcycle and Watsonian sidecar is symbolic of the need for affordable mobility in Britain following World War Two. In the mid-1950s, there were nearly 140,000 sidecars on UK roads, half of which were manufactured by Watsonian. If you’re popping to the pub this weekend with two friends, we can think of few more enjoyable ways to carry out designated driver duties. 

Numerous classic and modern cars are added to the Classic Driver Market every week. You can find them all listed here