Market Finds – Peacocks and Eggheads

The Classic Driver Market is a perpetual source of car-based exhibitionism, whether through physical appearance or rarity recognised only by those ‘in the know’. We’ve selected a quartet of automotive peacocks – plus a Faberge egg on wheels that clearly inherited its looks from its mother’s side…

The forgotten Flatnose

The term ‘Flachbau’ will conjure up 930-related mental imagery for most, but aficionados will enthusiastically remind you of the special 964 Turbo S-based flatnoses which, complete with 928-sourced pop-up headlights and 959-style rear arch vents, were essentially blunted unicorns. As one of the 39 US-spec X85 models built, this example’s appeal is elevated further by its 39-mile odometer reading – a product of its purchase from new by the Blackhawk Museum.

Feasability study 

This Maroon Jensen is no ordinary 541S, but one of the three experimental cars built to prove the model’s feasibility. In fact, it’s thought to have been the 1960 Earls Court Motor Show car, so a peacock born and bred. Now looking a little tired and calling out for the return of its original Pearl Grey colour scheme and registration number (it appeared in several period magazine articles wearing ‘750 CEA’), it needs a new owner with the motivation to return it to its shimmering golden-era glory.

Vive le summer

Summer’s not over just yet – and if you’re looking for a stylish yet reasonably affordable family luggage-lugger for a final road trip down the Riviera, this charming Citroën ID21 Break could be just the billet. Returned to its charming Grey Kandahar colour and fitted with rare Jaeger instruments and vinyl seats, it’ll give you more beach car park kudos than any modern SUV, MPV or other fad-acronym can provide. And those roof rails are just begging for a family set of Basquiat surfboards…

Le Mans glory on road tyres...

Le Mans in known as the ultimate test for not only drivers and cars, but also individual components. With this in mind, tyre manufacturer BF Goodrich came up with the idea of sponsoring two privateer Porsche 924 GTR entries at the 1982’s endurance race which, in what must be the ultimate product demonstration, would run on the company’s latest road tyres. Staggeringly, one of them won the IMSA GTO class using only five tyres – individual tyres, mind, not sets – and this is that particularly feather-footed car.

Looks only a mother could love

Before the millennial Aero 8, Morgan’s most recent attempt at ‘modern’ styling was with the Plus 4 Plus of the mid-1960s. Despite its respectable performance credentials, the outcome was hardly a resounding sales success. A somewhat egg-headed profile, that only a peahen (or overly enthusiastic Morgan connoisseur) could love, meant only 26 were built, with this one going to America’s official marque concessionaire and ‘Mr Morgan’, G.B. Sterne. If you’re the type that can shrug off smirks about its egg-headedness, you can happily enjoy the prestige of hen’s-teeth rarity.

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