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Market Finds – Manual delights

An automatic gearbox might be faster, but nothing comes close to the satisfaction, involvement and sense of engagement than with a good old-fashioned manual. Here are four modern manual delights from the Classic Driver Market…

2016 Porsche Cayman GT4

The Cayman GT4 was built with one thing in mind – driving involvement – and we’ve no doubt a manual gearbox was at the top of the list when the engineers from Porsche’s GT department were knocking their heads together for ideas. Limited availability has meant that values have skyrocketed, thus this delivery mileage example is an extra special find. We’re not sure a car has ever secured ‘modern classic’ status so quickly… 

2012 Morgan Threewheeler

There’s not a lot to the Morgan Threewheeler. There are no doors, no windscreen, no roof – no protection from the elements at all. But that’s what makes it so charming, and remarkably engaging to drive. If the wonderfully satisfying short throw of the Mazda MX5-derived gearbox doesn’t win you over, perhaps the fighter jet-style start button will? 

2005 Ferrari F430

There is arguably no more famous manual gearbox than that found in a Ferrari. Over the years, the combination of the open gate and cool-to-the-touch chrome gearknob has drawn universal acclaim, searing itself into the memories of all that have experienced it. The F430 was one of last Ferraris to be fitted with a six-speed manual as standard, and will no doubt be fondly remembered in years to come. This low-mileage example’s tasteful colour combination is very inviting indeed. 

2011 BMW 1M Coupé

The BMW 1M Coupé is a great case for why manual gearboxes should remain in modern sports cars. Its slick shift ties together the many intoxicating aspects of its driving experience, from the punchy twin-turbocharged straight six to the refreshingly honest steering. It’s no surprise that given the limited production numbers, this low-mileage example is listed around £15,000 over the original list price. 

Numerous classic and modern cars are added to the Classic Driver Market every week. You can find them all listed here