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Market Finds – Chasing rainbows

This week’s Market Finds selection is all about colour – and the bolder the better. Be it a mustard yellow Alfa Romeo or a bright turquoise Lamborghini, any of the cars we’ve chosen are guaranteed to inject some colour into your life…

Certain cars in certain colours just work – Ferraris in red, Bugattis in blue and Jaguars in green, for example. But that’s not to say bold and lesser-seen shades look any less striking, as this selection demonstrates... 

If hurtling along country roads in a purple convertible Jaguar E-type or continental road-tripping in a bright blue 1965 Opel Kadett doesn’t appeal, you can find your perfect car – in your perfect colour – listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market. 

10 colourful cars from the Classic Driver Market