Market Finds – Be prepared

While making the most of the cold weather and not letting it stop you enjoying driving is important, it’s also wise to look ahead to and prepare for the warmer months. In this week’s Market Finds there’s something for every season, from a rugged British shoot wagon to a miniature beach tender…

Queen of the Shoot

Shooting season is upon us, and while it might be tempting to shuttle from drive to drive cocooned in the climate-controlled leather interior of a modern Range Rover, why not immerse yourself in your natural environment with this fabulous Land Rover Series 1 86”? We’re sure once your fellow guns see the inevitable grin on your face at the wheel of this ‘Bronze Green Beauty’, they’ll be keen to clamber aboard, too. 

A four-door Ferrari

If you can stomach the extraordinary premium, this new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio currently for sale in the Netherlands presents an early opportunity to get behind the wheel of what is held by the motoring press as a ‘four-door Ferrari’ and the most exciting Alfa in years. Incidentally, you could almost call that colour Pozzi Blu

No expletives necessary

Microcars are in vogue right now, and while it might not be the season to be pootling around in a tiny car with virtually no protection from the elements, it’s always wise to look ahead to the warmer months next year. This ultra-quirky 1957 Tourette Supreme is one of 26 built, of which just three are believed to remain, making it rarer than a Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART Spyder. With a little tender loving care, this could prove a fine beach tender for summer 2017.

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