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This LaFerrari test mule is Maranello’s forbidden fruit

Based on the Ferrari 458, these hyper-rare LaFerrari test mules were only offered to Maranello’s favorite clientele. Now, you could add it to your collection at RM Sotheby’s Monaco 2022 sale.

While not conventionally beautiful by any means, there’s something brutally attractive about test mules. Never intended to be seen by the general public, they’re clad with camouflage to deceive onlookers and hide the next-generation technology lurking under the skin. Of all the test mules you could hope to track down, arguably none are as impressive as this LaFerrari test mule; the creme de la creme of the Holy Trinity. Ferrari is well-known for rewarding its most loyal customers, and this LaFerrari test mule was just that when it was sold in 2016, after it was clear that it was no longer required for testing.

Known internally as ‘M6’, this first-phase test mule prototype was based on a Ferrari 458, albeit with a modified aluminium chassis to accommodate the prototype hybrid LaFerrari powertrain, which includes Ferrari’s Type F140FB V12 engine. While virtually unrecognisable when equipped with the detachable test-mule panels that will accompany the car, without them its 458 base is immediately evident, although here a massive roof scoop has been added to compensate for the lack of side-intakes. Although not homologated and therefore not suitable for use on the road or public race tracks, M6 is fully functional and can be enjoyed on private land. Lacking the usual polish one would expect from a Ferrari road car, the rough edges, exposed wires, and mismatched interior panels only add to this prototype’s raw appeal. Certified by Ferrari Classiche with accompanying Yellow Book, this is a unique opportunity to acquire a supremely cool piece of Ferrari history. If this test mule is actually your ideal prancing horse, then be sure to mark RM Sotheby’s Monaco 2022 sale on May 14th in your calendar.